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 TheWraith-- 's Custom Patch

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PostSubject: TheWraith-- 's Custom Patch   TheWraith-- 's Custom Patch Icon_minitimeWed Mar 16, 2011 7:25 am

Well guys this is my Custom Patch: enjoy!! Very Happy

YouTube - TheWraith-- Challenge Lobby-Custom ULTIMATE Edited Patch ENZO-F

Udate 1
Added Disco Mode
Added Super Airdrop
Added Super Ac130
Added Pet Pavelow
Added Zombies
Added One in the Chamber
Added Crossbow
Added Akimbo Colts
Added Stigner Spas
Added Super Models
Added Flashing Scoreboard
Added Nuke Gun
Added Omega 47
Added Nuke AT4
Added My Personal gun i created: The Super RPD
Added my personal gun i created: The Omega Uzi's
Added a weapons 2 menu
Added my personal gun i created: the Super m10
Added my personal gun i created: The Super Striker
Added my personal gun i created: the Death AA12
Added teleporter gun
Added Human torch
Added cod4 Intervention
Added All Perks
Added Prestige 11 option
Added Rapid Fire
Added Random Weapon box
Added Random Killsteak Box
Added Mega Attack Force
Added Global Thermonuclear War
Added VIP
Added One Flag
Added Arena
Added Ghostbusters
Added Wicked Do Heart
Added MecAj menu Coloring
Added ac130 spinning welcome message
Added Custom sight by DaftVader
Added Sherbert Vision
Added Super Slight of Hand
Added Super Stopping Power
Added Super Danger Close
Added Standard Infections
Added Change Game Speed
Added Change Game Mode To search and destroy
Added Change game Mode to FREE FOR ALL
Added Change Game Mode to Domination
Added Game settings Menu

TheWraith--\'s Custom Patch v1.rar

Update 2

Added Smaller Menu text( for more options)
Added Current gun Fall
Added Random Killstreak- MecAj
Added Modded Bullets
Added Change Modded Bullets

Hotfile.com: One click file hosting: app.rar

Update 3

-Added Napalm Strike
-Added MOAB- B2 EDITION (Mother of all Bombs- B2 Edition)
-Added RC-XD
-Added Diving Airstrike- B2
-Added All Maps
-Added Account 2 Menu
-Added 1 Hundred Million Accolades.

Hotfile.com: One click file hosting: TheWraith--\'s Update 3.rar

Update 4

-Removed B2 Spirits(Brought Lag)
-Added US Air Force(Replaced B2 Spirits. has less models, 2 ac130's and 2 pavelow's)
-Added Spawn A Apache(its spawn a littlebird, but your piloting Apache instead)
-Added EarthQuake
-Added ProMod with on and off switch
-Added Invisibility
-Added Suicide Bomber
-Added instant 70- No Request
-Added Unlock All Challenges-No Request
-Added level up sound when you see my name
-Changed Welcome Message
-Added Save/Load Position
-Added Destroy All Killstreaks
-Added Random Appearance
-Added Mines

Hotfile.com: One click file hosting: TheWraith--\'s Update 4.rar
Update 5

-Removed Change Appearance
-Added Random Appearance
-Changed my Names color to BLUE
-Added SUicide Bomber-B2 EDITION( suicide harrier except it is a B2 Spirit)
-Added Shoot A Nuke
-Added Toggle Flashing Name
-Added TheWraith--'s Flashing Name
-Added Vision Changer(cycles through all of the visions)
-Added Tactical Nuke to Killstreak Menu
-Added B2 Spirit to Model Menu
-Added Pavelow to Model Menu
-Added Mega xp(Big XP bt instead of 50,000 points a kill, i made it 100 million.(:
-Added Apache Helicopter to Model Menu
-Added Hind to Model Menu
-Added Cobra to Model Menu
-Added MI28 to Model Menu
-Added UAV Plane to Model Menu
-Removed Wepons 2( removed all guns from it also)

Hotfile.com: One click file hosting: TheWraith--\'s Update 5.rar

Update 6

-Added Stairway to Heaven
-Added Black Ops Style Random Weapon Box
-Removed spawn a Littlebird(saved me alot of room, now i can do more updates)
-Fixed The Modded Bullets( can now shoot everything, Thanks to EliteMossy )

Hotfile.com: One click file hosting: TheWraith--\'s Update 6.rar

video of update 6/ credit to deathskaterz for recording

YouTube - TheWraith--'s Custom Patch Update 6

Update 7
\\*Sorry guys for the small edit, im running out of ideas to add... please suggest Very Happy

-Fixed Sky Text
-Added TheWraith--'s Bunker
-Changed Constant clan tag to unbound {BA}

TheWraith--\'s Update 7..rar
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TheWraith-- 's Custom Patch
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