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 [XBOX][RELEASE]iHc Blackops Zone Editor w/Download

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[XBOX][RELEASE]iHc Blackops Zone Editor w/Download Empty
PostSubject: [XBOX][RELEASE]iHc Blackops Zone Editor w/Download   [XBOX][RELEASE]iHc Blackops Zone Editor w/Download Icon_minitimeMon Apr 11, 2011 3:53 am

iHc Zone editer.

[XBOX][RELEASE]iHc Blackops Zone Editor w/Download 3e8f415ceb70a646aae450a463682557

Multiupload.com - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!

[XBOX][RELEASE]iHc Blackops Zone Editor w/Download F77ecd60f3ab03814fce63197750fa4a

1. Loads all gscs in the zone file automatticly
2. can load all different zone files not just patch_mp
3. Fully updatable

This program is still in beta so there will be bugs
pm me any bugs on se7ensins or inhopecreations

Tested on tu2 patch

one bug i cant seem to fix is it sometimes throws up syntax error in game when the syntax is correct?

Fastcrypt is still required for extracting and injecting the zone file http://www.multiupload.com/IX3LXCWC7X

Simple tutorial
1. Extract zone file using fastcrypt
2. open zone file with ihc zone viewer
3. Edit gsc then click save
4. use fastcrypt to inject the zone file back in
5. run on jtag

Credits:Its channel

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[XBOX][RELEASE]iHc Blackops Zone Editor w/Download
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