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  Splitscreen Boosting (XP, Challenges, Etc.)

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 Splitscreen Boosting (XP, Challenges, Etc.)  Empty
PostSubject: Splitscreen Boosting (XP, Challenges, Etc.)     Splitscreen Boosting (XP, Challenges, Etc.)  Icon_minitimeMon Apr 11, 2011 4:29 am

I posted this in premium, but no one looks there because theres nothing really useful in the black ops section, so I'm posting this here now.

The reason why I never bothered posting this is because the amount of time it took to make it work. I'm sure someone can find a better method of getting this to work but nevertheless, the xp glitch master will share a new way...

1. Find someone to have an open party, in which you can connect to.

2. Go to local - splitscreen and change the game mode and settings. I would use nuketown and free for all, just because sometimes it puts you and your dier on the same team.

3. Highlight start game and add second controller

4. Click triangle and find you friend. This time click on them and actually choose join friend's party.

5. Cancel the joining process with the second controller until you are at the menu screen Tap X with both controller one and two Rapidly.

6. Now heres the hard part. You need to have perfect timing.. You need the join the session at the right time. When you do it, you have to make it so right before the game loads, it shows you were in a party with your friend. It also should say the map but no game type. If it shows the gametype, you did it wrong.

Hopefully someone can find a better method, but for the time being this is fine.
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Splitscreen Boosting (XP, Challenges, Etc.)
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