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 Lan XP Glitch

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Lan XP Glitch  Empty
PostSubject: Lan XP Glitch    Lan XP Glitch  Icon_minitimeMon Apr 11, 2011 4:31 am

[SIZE="5"]This is basically NEXTGENPEN|s's old lan xp glitch, however there are certain conditions to using it. First off, you must be on LEVEL 1 to begin with. Whether it be a new account, or you just prestiged, you must be on level one when you start. It should also be noted that sometimes the first time you do it (when you are not on level one), it will work too. But if you want to make it work all the time you have to be on level one when you start. "Basically, it only works if you start off on level one because 3arc most likely hotfixed it so that the lan ranking must be on level one. So this is where the bad ps3 porting comes in. It actually thinks you are leveling the lan account up, but really you are leveling up your online account. Thats why you have to be on one, and that is also why you cannot do it after you sign out, because you won't be able to trick the game you are leveling up the lan account. This is why xbox can't do this, because their porting and coding is top notch, while ps3 is shit. lol" (If you do not understand this, look at the bottom of this thread)

Another thing to note is if you prestiged and are doing this, once you turn off your playstation or sign out YOU CANNOT DO THIS AGAIN, UNTIL YOU PRESTIGE AGAIN! So you might want to leave your playstation on, and you should be ok Cool [/SIZE]

[SIZE="4"]Step 1: Make a new account, or prestige your account.

Step 2: Find a friend's open party, that you can connect to.

Step 3: Go to lan, and connect controller two. Then you can change the game mode and map to whatever you like. Please note custom game settings will not work.

Step 4: Highlight Start game but do not click it.

Step 5: Click triangle, find your bud's name and click square to join his session.

Step 6: Now quickly click circle once with controller 1 and then tap X with both controllers.

Step 7: The map will load with no game type. You should see your ranks when you press select and your online weapons. If not, you did not do it right, and you must do it over.

Remember to always use default classes for best results.

[SIZE="3"]How fast to go

YouTube - 20090101082847.avi

Proof it works

YouTube - [Black Ops] Lan Xp Glitch

Just a F.Y.I, I use Search now actually. It provides more xp in less time. When Player one plants the bomb, lets player two defuse it and take a headshot after he finishes defusing it completely. When on defense, let player two plant, take a headshot and defuse. You should get 7000 IN GAME XP (Not including your first blood bonuses and 500 xp extra for every headshot and plant/defuse)

Things to do with this:




Weapon/Equipment Challenges

Boosting your W/L Ratio

Get an INSANELY high K/D

Alright, many people have been questioning what I meant when I said you must be on level one. Some may be thinking, well won't I level up and not be on level one anymore? Yes, but thats not what I meant when I said you have to be on level one. You must START OFF ON LEVEL ONE WHEN YOU DO THIS GLITCH. Meaning if you prestiged and you are on level one and you are doing this, the moment you sign out or get off your ps3, IT WILL NOT WORK ANYMORE. You will have to wait until you prestige again, so that is why you should just leave your PlayStation on if you are desperate lol


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Lan XP Glitch
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