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 Splitscreen 2nd Controller on the other Team!

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PostSubject: Splitscreen 2nd Controller on the other Team!   Mon Apr 11, 2011 4:34 am

Works for the xbox and the ps3 system

Just found this out! It works in all online matches while you're playing split-screen!

1.Plug in your second controller and press A.
2.Invite 1 (or more) of your friends to a party.
3.Press Find Game and wait until you are in a Pre-Game Lobby.
4.Leave without party and back out to the menu were you can select LAN party.
5.Go back to Player Match and join your friends pre-game lobby that you just left.
6.Your done and now you're other controller will be on the other team!

Uses are simple! Either boost with it in a real match or see where your enemies are in Search and Destroy!
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Splitscreen 2nd Controller on the other Team!
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